Online Arbitrage – Sourcing Products Examples

Online Arbitrage Sourcing products can be a long and slow process. I remember it very well. Spending hours and hours looking for products to purchase so they can be resold on Amazon. Unfortunately, this is a necessary step when scaling your business. I wanted to show a couple examples in the video of products that I found. One was a winner (a product I'd purchase to resell) and the other was a borderline most likely not a winner. The one below I am going to show as a winner!

Watch the video below:

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Product 1 - Rapunzel Classic Doll with Pascal Figure - 12''








Disney Store - 

Buy For = $9.00

Amazon Listing -

Sell For = $19.90

Camelcamelcamel - Selling A lot ! Rank is 33,000 currently. 

Keepa - Price is stable for last 3 months. 

FBA Fee = $6.06

Profit = $4.84 

Result = WINNER ! 

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